A whole new way to pay for healthcare.

Introducing the first-of-its-kind Healthcare Spending Card¹.

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Healthcare cost and complexity are leaving Americans in need...

  • 100 million people are in medical debt².
  • $45 billion is lost in productivity annually in the USA due to untreated oral disease³.

…But the Healthcare Spending Card¹ can help make paying for healthcare simple and convenient.

The Healthcare Spending Card¹ is an all-in-one financial tool that can help employees get the healthcare they deserve and can help their money work harder for them.


With the Card¹, employees can:

  • Gain access to a new source of funds¹ through a line of credit of $500+ with no credit checks (upon approval and activation⁴).
  • Stay in control of their healthcare bills by splitting them into smaller repayments over time.
  • Utilize available pre-tax HSA funds by linking their health savings account⁵ (HSA) to the Card¹ and get tax savings through pre-tax repayment.

Using the Healthcare Spending Card¹ is as simple for employees as it is powerful:

  • Request and activate Card¹ (with no credit checks), then link their HSA⁵ if available.
  • Swipe Card¹ to pay for qualified healthcare expense.
  • Transaction paid from Card’s line of credit¹, up to employee’s credit limit.
  • Repayment from linked HSA or through other available methods of choice, up to 12 months¹.

The Healthcare Spending Card¹ can be a win for partners:

  • Help strengthen your brand and become a changemaker by joining us in addressing key issues in healthcare.
  • Can position you as an innovator and help boost client satisfaction.
  • Can seamlessly align with broader employee benefit and financial well-being strategies.
  • Can increase access to healthcare and can give employees new ways to engage with their benefits.

Employers can gain a key benefit and differentiator:

  • The card¹ poses no cost or credit risk for employers.
  • Stand out from the competition: Better attract and retain talent by strengthening your benefits offering.
  • Help remove cost-related barriers to health-related issues that can lower employee engagement and generate absenteeism.

Kevin is a 42-year-old husband and father who earns $75k per year. Tooth sensitivity prompts a visit to his dentist. Kevin learns he needs a crown costing $500.

He considers putting it off for financial reasons, but his dentist warns Kevin that doing so could result in a future root canal.

The Healthcare Spending Card¹ can help Kevin…

The Card¹ can help employees create a happier, healthier future:

1Access needed care

Kevin learns the crown costs $500...

Using the card¹, Kevin can split his bill into 12 convenient repayments of  $46.25 (monthly cost), which covers the cost of the crown ($500) and associated fees⁶.

2Prevent a more expensive root canal in the future ($1.500+)

The Healthcare Spending Card¹ — Revolutionizing How People Pay for Healthcare!

¹ The Healthcare Spending Card and the line of credit are issued by WebBank. Card must be activated before funds can be accessed.

² Kaiser Health Care Debt Survey and West Health-Gallup 2021 Healthcare in America Report

³ Center for Disease Control: Health and Economic Benefits of Oral Health Interventions

⁴ If an employee can't connect their payroll provider via Argyle, or if they don't give us sufficient information, they are not eligible to apply.

⁵ HSAs that are linked during application must be owned and in the name of the applicant and issued by the applicant's employer.

⁶ Origination fee = 5% of original balance; Periodic Finance Fee charged every 75 days for each Advance based on average balance

The Healthcare Spending Card is issued by WebBank pursuant to a license from Visa USA Inc.