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Better Together:
Quality, Access, Affordability & Outcomes.

Partnering opportunities

Partnering opportunities

Lane Health’s HSA and its Advance1 line of credit can enhance your value proposition.

If you are an innovative company in the health benefits space with a mission of helping people:

  • Make better decisions regarding their health benefits
  • Enhance the quality of their health
  • Better manage the care they receive
  • More effectively navigate the healthcare system
  • Improve the affordability of healthcare
  • Achieve better health outcomes

Then, partnering with Lane Health may significantly contribute to you achieving your mission and enhancing your value proposition to your clients and their employees.

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Healthcare Lending Program Overview

How we help

How we help

Lane Health through our unique HSA and its Advance line of credit reduces the risk and improves the affordability of high deductible health plans.

  • We make HDHPs more attractive to employees.
  • We mitigate a significant barrier to care posed by the high deductible.
  • We enable employees to take full advantage of the significant tax advantages of HSA.
  • We are inclusive – we make HDHPs and HSAs work for all.
The power of partnership

The power of partnership

By teaming with Lane Health, you can integrate and offer our differentiating advantages into your offering.  If you:

  • seek to offer the most competitive and attractive high deductible plans – we can help.
  • help people get the care they need when they need it – we can help
  • are focused on reducing long-term medical cost trend – we can help.
  • offer health and financial wellness solutions – we can help.
  • are charged to improve the health states, health outcomes, and productivity of your client’s employees – we can help.

How we do it

We use our HSA and its Advance line of credit as the means to make high deductible plans less scary and more attractive to employees.

  1. Employees enrolled in a high deductible health plan can be automatically enrolled in our HSA – we’re inclusive, no one is left behind!
  2. We provide each HSA member a pre-set Advance line of credit they can use, if needed throughout the year to pay medical bills when they don’t have sufficient cash in their HSA. The minimum Advance line of credit is $500 up to 4 weeks of gross pay, subject to the IRS contribution maximum. This reduces financial risk and barriers to care!
  3. After activation, if needed, Advances are accessed with a simple, swipe-and-go of their Card with a Heart debit card. Members have immediate access to Advances at the point of care. It’s easy and convenient!
  4. Advances and associated fees are repaid over 12 months through pre-tax HSA payroll deductions, even it in overlaps plan years. It’s predictable and budgetable for people!

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1. Advances are issued by WebBank, Member FDIC