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Our mission is to help people become more confident and optimistic in managing their healthcare.

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Personal health shouldn't be sacrificed for financial health.

Millions of employees are stuck when it comes to paying for care¹. Lane Health can be their runway to a healthier future.
We can help employees get the health care they deserve … the everyday costs as well as big bills. And when employees have a simpler and smarter way to take care of themselves, everyone else wins too.
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Personal health shouldn't be sacrificed for financial health.

Millions of people are stuck when it comes to paying for care¹. Lane Health can be their runway to a healthier future.

We can help people get the health care they deserve … the everyday costs as well as big bills. And when they have a simpler and smarter way to take care of themselves, everyone else wins too.

Lane Health has pioneered the groundbreaking Healthcare Spending Card² to help people get the care they need, when they need it.


The future of healthcare is here...

Strategically positioned at the crossroads of the FinTech and Healthcare sectors, Lane Health is trusted by a wide range of employers and partners.

We are helping thousands of hard-working people like yourself build healthier futures, both physically and financially. 

That's why we are excited to present the Healthcare Spending Card with no annual fee3 nor credit checks.



What we hear...

  • I can honestly say I have never experienced a better implementation and customer service team than Lane Health in my many years working with outside benefit vendors.
    — HR leader in the manufacturing industry, Nov. 2022

  • To say that I am satisfied is an understatement. Your Advocate is a true pleasure to deal with on the phone. Better still, she made me laugh TWICE in a very brief conversation. I feel like calling back now, just to say hello, and see if I get another chuckle or two...
    – Satisfied Member, Nov. 2022

  • Arturo was incredibly polite and helpful. He answered every single question I had and his demeanor was unusually kind (in a good way). Companies rarely succeed in making such a positive first impression, and this one was all due to Arturo. Bravo and thank you.
    — Satisfied Member, May 2022

  • I am blown away with Lane Health’s customer service team. Not only are they responsive, they take the time to listen, and help our employees better understand their options related to their HSA’s FSA’s etc. On the employer side, Lane Health stays in close communication with my HR team and is open/flexible to making things as easy as possible on us … Our employees are in good hands with Lane Health, and we look forward to a long relationship.
    — HR leader in the digital advertising industry

  • You all make it look easy and we are so appreciative of the work you have all put in to make the employee experience a positive one. Love hearing when things work the way we plan and the “above and beyond” consistent feedback. Looking forward to 2023.
    — Benefits & HR leader in the financial services industry

  • With our last administrator, my inbox was inundated with problems; with Lane Health, it’s been silence. Your client team is so good that you should be training our other vendors.
    — HR leader in the manufacturing industry

  • I appreciate the help, thoroughness and knowledge working with Jake and Scott ... and look forward to continuing to build our relationship not only with these gentlemen but with the whole Lane Health family! I hear nothing but good and positive feedback about Lane Health and how the team helps out our employees. Thank you everyone that is a part of Lane and for making the experience nothing but amazing!
    — HR leader in the building distribution industry

  • Lane Health Team—Thank you so much for all of your hard work in getting this HSA plan set up for us! You have made this process very easy and well organized. Your team has been absolutely fantastic to partner with!
    — HR leader in the engineering industry

  • Muchas Gracias! 😊 I LOVE working with you guys. We absolutely love the quality of service and care you all provide. It is truly appreciated. — client

  • I just want to share with you again that support at Lane Health is fantastic. I think this is the fourth time that I have been in contact with them and every time they been quick to respond, answer questions, and handle a request. — member

  • OMG I love it!! Very impressed with Lane Health!! Glad we are partners. — broker

  • Eric was very helpful and went the extra mile to find out why I was having difficultly in entering my contingent beneficiaries; he was then able to instruct me on how to enter them. He also made sure everything else checked out okay on my account. — member

  • Both times I have reached out to Lane Health, your employees have responded QUICKLY! And efficiently! Thank you so much!! — member

  • Excellent service. Quick response and I was able to get into the system with no problem. Thank you! — member

  • Excellent. Eric was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. I was connected quickly and able to speak with a “Live” person which is a breath of fresh air. Thanks again. — member

  • Arturo was very professional and helpful and called me back after conferring with a co-worker to confirm the answer. Very impressive! — member

  • I was lucky to get Tyler to take my call. He was able to get me set up in a very short time and I am extremely appreciative of how he handled and got the job done!! — member

  • I am new to this company and was trying to transfer my funds from another company and had issues signing up. Tyler was quick to respond and helped me out. Thank you for the help! — member

  • Very impressed with Lane Health!! Glad we are partners. — client

  • Eric was very professional, understood the issue, had his notes from our last conversation at hand. Very good transaction. — broker

  • Exceptional support, went above and beyond! After helping with a password reset, Tyler stayed on to help me transfer my old HSA over and talked me through all the steps. Thank you!!!! — member

  • Arturo responded to my request very quickly and took care of the issue and even let me know how to fix it going forward. — member

  • What I like is that I called the night before but did not leave a messages, they called the next morning stating they had a missed call from my number. They were very pleasant and helpful. — member

  • Tyler was patient, pleasant and resolved the issue. What more can a girl want? Thanks, Tyler — member

  • Eric, thank you for your excellent service today! Good service is hard to come by nowadays, but you Sir, were great! — member

  • Tyler provided me with the right information quickly and has a positive demeanor which is a great asset when calling into call centers. — member

  • Arturo was very helpful. Great communication and knowledge and again, helpful! Thank you Art! — member

  • Eric was pleasant and VERY helpful with my needs and concerns I had. I’m new to Lane health and I hope all the representative’s are as helpful as him! — member

  • Arturo was so helpful. He called me back this morning to let me know my address has been changed (there was a hiccup with the transition from ADP) but he took care of it and is sending my cards to my new home. I do appreciate his extra efforts! Give him a gold star! 😎 — member

  • Not only was I surprised that a person answered my call. I was very pleased at how easy and painless it was to rectify my issue. Tyler was efficient, patient and knowledgeable of my concerns and needs. Looking forward to the future with Lane Health. — member

  • Arturo placed a follow-up call after hours on a holiday to confirm when HSA deposits may be available. I appreciated the information and the timeliness of it. — member

  • Calling to activate card, no answer. Received an unexpected call back after hours to follow up on my missed call. THAT IS A REALLY GREAT START!! — member

  • I am big on customer support as that’s part of my job so to be called back when I didn’t even leave a message is huge. Great work by your team!! — member

  • Good morning Eric. I used the card for a purchase yesterday and all is good. Thanks for your help with this. I appreciate how you took care of this so fast! Great customer service!

  • Tyler Gambill was WONDERFUL!!!! Worth his weight in gold. — member

  • I love how my info is automatically pulled up when I call in. So cool how they already know who I am when I call. — member

  • Tyler was very helpful!! He was patient listening to me complain…. thanks Tyler! — member

  • I’m so glad Eric called me and followed thru. He mentioned he will email or call me of what he finds out and he did. That’s great service as people usually don’t follow thru. — member

  • My call was answered quickly, no waiting, and Eric gave me the answer I was looking for! — member

  • Amazing job! They called me back and answered my questions promptly. — member

  • Rep did not have answer immediately, but was happy when he replied back with an answer, most organizations do not call back when they say they will. His answer was complete, gave me all information I needed. — member

  • Waiting on hold for only a minute is always a good start. All my questions were answered. A+! — member

  • Thank you soooo much for the fast, professional services! Great to hear a live person on the other end.. LOVE that service. — member

  • Very satisfied. We got done with what I called for in under 5 mins. Thank You!! — member

  • Eric is awesome. He took his time to answer my question and he is super helpful to help customers navigate this ever-changing environment. — member

  • Very satisfied with the service. I was able to speak to an agent in seconds, and Eric helped answer my questions in minutes. Very rare these days to get an actual person on the other end when calling for help, so very much appreciate it! — member

  • I received first class support from Tyler. Thanks Tyler!! — member

  • The service was extremely fast. I really appreciate the options as well, but mostly his willingness to take care of the matter for me. — member

  • Forgot his name, the rep I talked with was extremely helpful. This has been the case every time I have called. Thank you! — member

Awards & Recognition

2021 Alegeus APEX Award for Innovation

Awarded for exceptional results in innovative health
benefit solutions that grow business and improve
the lives of consumers.

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2022 Alegeus APEX Award for Overall Account Growth

Awarded for exceptional results in growing our business and helping improve the lives of more consumers.

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2023 Alegeus APEX Award for Consumer Adoption

Third consecutive APEX Award, highlighting our sustained account growth

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¹ Kaiser Family Foundation, Health Care Debt In The U.S.: The Broad Consequences Of Medical And Dental Bills

² Lane Health is a financial technology company, not a bank. The Healthcare Spending Card is issued by Lead Bank pursuant to a license from Visa USA Inc.

3 Lane Health does not charge interest on, or an annual fee for, the Healthcare Spending Card.  “0% financing” pertains to repayment options that do not charge interest (0% interest) nor origination or periodic finance fees ($0 fees). Each Advance can be repaid in full, 4-month term or 12-month term (with a minimum $3 due each payment period). Transactions other than qualified dental and hospital expenses (based on merchant category code) will be charged an origination fee of 5% and periodic finance fees. The location of the service provider is not determinative of whether a transaction is a qualified dental or hospital expense. Rather, transactions made within or at a hospital (including but not limited to specialists, doctors, pharmacies, etcetera) are determined to be eligible by the associated MCC and not the location of the service provider in the hospital. New Advances, if eligible, can be repaid in full or over 4 installments with no origination or periodic finance fees. Late fees apply. You can review the fee table here.