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Note: only employees with Delta Dental coverage can pay for qualified dental bills over 12 months with no fees²

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Healthcare Spending Card1 Fees Overview


First, you pay no annual fees2.

Second, we don’t charge interest2.

Third, you can take advantage of 0% financing2 options for the following qualified expenses:

  • Hospital: 0% interest2, $0 fees2 when repaid over 12 months
  • Other healthcare: 0% interest2, $0 fees2 when repaid over 4 installments
Lane Healthcare Spending Card
Fourth, for all other types of healthcare bills we do charge origination and periodic finance fees2 that total between 8-13% of the original loan amount over 12 months (see chart for how this varies by loan amount). Specifically, we charge a 5% Origination fee2 plus periodic finance fees (charged four times over the 12 months and get smaller as you pay back your loan2). 

Fees2 (in dollars)

Generic Lead Bank Fees-1

Fees2 (as a % of the original loan amount)

Fees % of loan

The Healthcare Spending Card

There for you when you need it. Doesn’t cost you anything when you don’t.

Enjoy 0% financing2 on qualified healthcare expenses repaid over 4 installments, and hospital bills repaid over 12 months



1 Lane Health is a financial technology company, not a bank. The Healthcare Spending Card is issued by Lead Bank pursuant to a license from Visa USA Inc.

2 Lane Health does not charge interest on, or an annual fee for, the Healthcare Spending Card. “0% financing” pertains to repayment options that do not charge interest (0% interest) nor origination or periodic finance fees ($0 fees). Each Advance can be repaid in full, 4-month term or 12-month term (with a minimum $3 due each payment period). Transactions other than qualified hospital expenses (based on merchant category code) will be charged an origination fee of 5% and periodic finance fees. The location of the service provider is not determinative of whether a transaction is a qualified hospital expense. Rather, transactions made within or at a hospital (including but not limited to specialists, doctors, pharmacies, etcetera) are determined to be eligible by the associated MCC and not the location of the service provider in the hospital. New Advances, if eligible, can be repaid in full or over 4 installments with no origination or periodic finance fees. Late fees apply.

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